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What are the characteristics of the industrial vacuum cleaner in the crankshaft processing?

Industrial vacuum cleaner is used inside suction way instead of blowing out of the way, so the safety of the operation will be greatly improved. Industrial vacuum cleaner will be removed from the way of the chip into the suction, effectively avoid the use of compressed air blowing debris caused by many drawbacks, improve the working environment of the machine shop, but also get a good chip removal effect.

? ? ? 1, industrial vacuum cleaner structure characteristics:

? ? ? industrial vacuum cleaner is mainly composed of the motor part, the filter part, the dust cylinder and the cyclone separator, the electric control part, the dust suction hose and the nozzle.

? ? ? 2, the working principle of industrial vacuum cleaner:

? ? ? motor driven vacuum pump provides suction capacity. And to overcome the iron and oil and filter resistance. The high pressure generated by vacuum pump suction through the hose and hose installed in the suction nozzle from the thread hole iron crankshaft. A mixture of iron and oil air through the filter, filter separator. The clean air enters the vacuum pump and passes through the silencer of the exit to the industrial vacuum cleaner. Industrial vacuum cleaner after stopping, and lifted the lid and iron on the resistance in the solid-liquid separator. Oil drop in the dust tube. Solid-liquid separator can be removed out the scrap, open water valve can be recycling or disposal of oil discharge.

? ? ? 3, working characteristics of industrial vacuum cleaner

? ? ? motor part:

? ? ? industrial vacuum cleaner air to eliminate negative pressure, and the dust, iron dust suction tube suction nozzle, suction hose through. Industrial vacuum cleaner motor is used for industrial motors, can work for a long time and load capacity.

? ? ? filtration part:

? ? ? mixed with iron air into the industrial vacuum cleaner industry from outside. The filter part will iron stopped, air through the filter filter clean into the pump, and then excluded. We like to wear a mask, clean air will enter our mouth through the mask, and then into the lungs, finally excreted, dust will be blocked in a mask outside, and we will not enter the mouth, good dust filter masks can be very fine and even harmful gas and dust. So is the role of the main part of the filter, dust and dust isolation filter mainly large (more than 10GM), an Quanchen isolation filter small dust (dust 1-5gm or less), the purpose is to protect the motor and protecting the health of the user, to prevent dust emissions into the air again. Industrial dust collector dust area is very large, the filter efficiency is very high (the smallest diameter of the filter dust up to 0.12gm, equivalent to the diameter of the hair 1/960, filtration efficiency of up to 99.999%, the filter area up to 10m).

? ? ? dust drum and solid-liquid separator:

? ? ? dust barrel volume of industrial vacuum cleaner, can be cleaned once a week, the solid-liquid separator is equivalent to the role of the funnel, it will iron and other solid retention, and liquid into the bottom of the dust barrel.

? ? ? 4, industrial vacuum cleaner on site

? ? ? start industrial vacuum cleaner, vacuum hose connected to manually move the suction nozzle near the orifice can be suction holes in the iron, iron screw cleaning process smooth, clean chips.