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Brief introduction and analysis of the main parts of plastic metal hose

The main parts of plastic coated metal hose made of austenitic stainless steel, so as to ensure the plastic coated metal hose excellent temperature resistance and corrosion resistance, temperature range of plastic package metal hose, -196-600 degrees C, in actual use, according to the pipe corrosion choose corresponding stainless steel grades, to ensure that the package the corrosion resistance of plastic metal hose.

? ? ? the ring shaped plastic metal hose is a corrugated tube with a closed circular ring, and the wave and the wave are connected in series by a circular corrugation. The annular plastic metal hose is made of seamless pipe or welded pipe. By processing constraints, a spiral corrugated pipe, the pipe length is usually shorter.

? ? ? plastic clad metal hose is made of extremely thin wall seamless or welded stainless steel clad plastic metal hose after high precision plastic forming. Because the elastic characteristics of plastic coated metal hose profile determines the hose has good flexibility and fatigue resistance, making it very easy to absorb all kinds of motion and deformation of cyclic loading, especially has the ability to compensate for large displacement in pipeline system.