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Industrial dust suction hose is an important component of industrial vacuum cleaner

industrial vacuum hose in our industrial production and life has a wide range of applications, more and more types of hose into our field of vision, industrial vacuum hose is one of. Industrial vacuum hose, as its name implies, is a kind of dust suction hose used for industrial production door to absorb dust. The utility model relates to a dust suction pipe which is matched with a variety of industrial dust cleaning equipment, and is applied to various occasions where the solid particles are drawn and worn. Next, the king of the industry to make a small series of hose to introduce what are the outstanding features of industrial vacuum hose.

telescopic suction pipe, industrial dust suction hose is an important component of industrial vacuum cleaners. Industrial vacuum cleaner is used to absorb the waste collection machine in industrial production, it can filter pollutants in the air, with the function of purifying air, and it can be on the industrial production workshop for environmental cleaning. A large part of the industrial dust collector's function is due to the good performance of the industrial suction hose. Due to the excellent performance of industrial dust suction hose, industrial vacuum cleaners can absorb different kinds of solid particles, oil, water and other particulate pollutants and liquids. At the same time, industrial vacuum hose can absorb toxic and harmful gases in industrial production, for the cotton industry can also improve product quality, and in the chemical industry can absorb some expensive catalyst recycling.

industrial vacuum cleaner is a kind of environmental protection equipment. The industrial vacuum hose to the guardian, industrial vacuum cleaners can prevent some diseases can harm the staff occupation, such as particulate matter welders working environment can cause lung. Industrial vacuum hose is specialized for the design and application of industrial vacuum cleaners, piping he meet in different industrial vacuum cleaner, can be applied to dust, ventilation, dust, water and other special environment. Now the society is more and more aware of the importance of environmental protection, industrial dust suction hose is adhering to the concept of green environmental protection for the community to contribute their own strength.

industrial vacuum cleaners have their own unique properties.

first, industrial vacuum hose non-toxic, no halogen, is in line with the requirements of social environmental directives; secondly, smooth inner wall and outer wall of the corrugated hose is industrial vacuum type, and soft material, can withstand the tear, distortion, chemicals and other extreme conditions; thirdly, it has good mechanical properties, can be used different requirements on enterprises in industrial production for vacuum; finally, industrial vacuum hoses are biodegradable, which does not produce harmful effects on the environment, after it has completed its mission at the same time, it can move all telescopic function to reduce the air pollution to a great extent.