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Vacuum hose, anti-static dust pipe is in the process of industrial electrostatic suction conveying harm Nemesis

suction hose, anti-static dust pipe is electrostatic suction conveying process industrial hazards nemesis

mode is industrial production suction conveying process, often produce static, static electricity is a quiescent charge or not charge flow (flow of charge on the formation of the current). Static electricity in many cases is harmful to the electrostatic force (ESA) made anti-static dust collector electrostatic discharge performance is based on the minimization of electrostatic hazards.

King industry brands wire suction hose is anti-static vacuum tube with a strong electrostatic properties, can prevent electrostatic accidents, has a lightweight, soft, good elasticity, corrosion resistance, hydrolysis resistance, high transparency, non-toxic, small bending radius, negative pressure resistance ability is good, can keep the original shape in under the condition of vacuum. It also maintains good flexibility at very low temperatures.

anti-static suction hose is through the wire grounding method to eliminate static electricity generated in the process of material conveying hose, to achieve material conveying, smooth smooth wall, medium, wire can be strengthened, electrostatic polyester polyurethane (ESTER PU) with copper plated hose, plastic coated steel wire spiral reinforcement, smooth inner wall. In order to ensure the smooth material flow in tube. Therefore, PU steel wire suction hose is the first choice for industrial production of vacuum cleaner.

steel wire vacuum tube excellent characteristics: high expansion strength and tear strength, abrasion resistance (2.5 times higher than most of the rubber material to 5 times, compared with the soft PVC high to 3 times), copper wire grounding can be discharged static electricity. The suction and discharge of the material can be used, the high shaft strength is superior, so that the conveying material is smooth, the chemical resistance is good, the bending radius is small, and the utility model is especially suitable for the swing position of the mechanical equipment.

King industry brand anti-static suction hose wire vacuum tube is mainly application: very wear particles, sand, gravel, and fine fibers, dust and debris, dust and gas environment, silo transportation, pipe for glass industry, wood industry, steel industry, plastic industry, mining, shipbuilding, cement the mechanical transport industry, when the strong protective tube. This product can better meet the transport requirements of all walks of life.