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Introduction of common vacuum cleaner hose performance parameters and classification of vacuum cleaner

for the pursuit of high-end quality of life, people in daily life has been using more and more automated electrical equipment. There is a vacuum cleaner to help us reduce the manpower cleaning work is a good helper, but because of improper use will often appear some jam phenomenon, so small as we introduce the working principle of the vacuum cleaner and suction hose maintenance knowledge.

first, the working principle of the vacuum cleaner. When the vacuum cleaner is working, it will form a low pressure area due to the rotation of the motor. The formation will make the cleaner produce a certain pressure difference inside and outside the area of low pressure, this air cleaner can through the suction hose and the adsorption of impurities outside into the filter bag inside, and under the action of the air filter of the filter tail was finally ruled out to the outside of the vacuum cleaner. The vacuum cleaner after long-term use of suction hose it will have some problems and could not continue to dust, so we must actively do the suction hose in daily use vacuum cleaner in maintenance work.

first, we all know that the vacuum cleaner main function is with its internal various vacuuming accessories as well as the vacuum barrel is the inseparable relationship, so we each time before using the best vacuum cleaner dust lattice dust bag it clean, when cleaning can use some detergent in warm water to be the best, after cleaning the air vents. In addition, in the process, but also on whether the vacuum cleaner perforation or leakage check.

second, a vacuum cleaner after use should be promptly to the power line and the plug site inspection, to observe whether the breakage phenomenon, of course, for the power supply coil is also in a timely manner to the upper position on the head cover in cleaner hook.

third, the air cleaner to check after absorbing water, to ensure that it is not affected by some impurities and jam, of course gently mechanical equipment is also very necessary.

can be seen from the working principle of the vacuum cleaner suction hose in which played an important role, so people usually use the vacuum cleaner when necessary to carefully prepare suction hose maintenance work. Of course, there are many uses of the vacuum hose, in addition to the vacuum cleaner it is also widely used in various industrial equipment.