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What are the characteristics and differences of PU vacuum hose and PVC suction hose

We all know that PVC suction hose winter easy to break, the wall is very brittle, we used to wear resistance and temperature resistance of old and very high TPU polyurethane raw materials, avoid the problem of good flexibility, folding, bending resistance at 40 degrees below zero, not brittle, its excellent performance is the best choice of wood processing machinery vacuum cleaner. Service life is 3-5 times of PVC wood vacuum tube,

PVC suction hose and PU suction hose difference is as follows:

1, PVC material of the suction tube in winter easy to break, the pipe wall is more brittle, and the general wear resistance of PVC materials. PVC suction hose diameter can be 40mm - 300mm conventional transparent color, white plastic steel wire, the use of transparent PVC particles. Excellent cost performance (patented technology, compressible film packaging, low transport costs and risk of damage, storage space at least. The best performance of the flow resistance of chemical properties, the curvature of the same diameter and the same, through the spiral wire grounding electrostatic discharge (in line with the provisions of PGP132).

temperature range: - about 10 DEG C - + 70 DEG C, within a short period of time can be high temperature reached 80 degrees about.

PVC vacuum tube advantages: low cost, flexible, not rigid elbow, can reduce air resistance, integrated air leakage quantity is small, acid and alkali and other corrosive gases etc..

product defects: winter easy to break, wear and aging resistance is poor.

2, polyurethane TPU suction hose features: used to wear the solid such as dust, powder, fiber, chips and particles, gas and liquid environment for dust removal and suction type plant, industrial vacuum cleaners, paper and textile fibres.

structure: with strong elastic copper plated steel wire coated on the pipe wall; wall: special top polyether type polyurethane, spiral: elastic steel wire, retractable.

temperature range: about -40 DEG C to +125 DEG C, short time can be about +150.

wall thickness: 0.4MM, 0.6MM, 0.9MM, 1.0MM, 1.2MM, 1.5MM, 2.0MM (thinnest place, no steel wire)