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What are the construction and characteristics of corrugated metal hose?

Corrugated metal hose (hose) is a kind of high quality flexible pipe in modern industrial pipeline. The utility model is mainly composed of a corrugated pipe, a net cover and a joint. The inner tube of the utility model is a thin wall stainless steel corrugated pipe with a spiral or annular waveform, and the net cover of the outer layer of the corrugated pipe is made of stainless steel wires or steel strips by a certain parameter. The joints or flanges on both ends of the hose are matched with the pipe joint or flange.

The corrugated pipe of the hose is made of extremely thin wall seamless or longitudinal welded stainless steel pipe by high precision plastic forming. Because the elastic characteristics of corrugated tube profile determines the hose has good flexibility and fatigue resistance, making it very easy to absorb all kinds of movement and deformation and cyclic loading, especially has the ability to compensate for large displacement in pipeline system.

The net is mainly confined hose installed in the pressure in the pipeline, while the bellows from sheath, according to the size of the pressure and the applications in the pipeline, can choose one or more layers of stainless steel wire or strip of braided hose, pressure range is PN0.6— 32.0Mpa. Up to 42.0MPa.

The main parts of production material is austenitic stainless steel hose, thus ensuring the heat resistance and excellent corrosion resistance of the hose, the hose working temperature range is very wide, is -196— 600 degrees, use the hose on pipeline through corrosion for stainless steel grades, to ensure that the corrosion resistance of hose.

Corrugated metal hose has good flexibility, fatigue resistance, high pressure resistance, temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and other characteristics, it is relative to other hoses (rubber, plastic hose) life is much higher, the comprehensive economic benefits so it has higher. With the development of modern industry, the demand for high temperature and high pressure corrugated metal hose is also increasing.

Hose scope: the need for fully flexible pipeline, to prevent the vibration of the premises is suitable for piping, steam, gas, air, oil, petroleum, chemicals etc..